Laminating Cologne

Transferring media on material

As a printing company, media is referred to as what can be transferred on to material of different nature. This definition includes a wide selection of materials. In general, this is referring to cloth, paper and foil. In order to reach the optimal effects, we use techniques such as laminating and concealing, to ensure that the result is protected and hardened.

Protecting your prints

A common way to laminate, is the application of foil to protect the printed material, in order to clean the surface of the printed material without damaging the print. This is particularly important for use in places where hygiene is very important, i.e. hospitals, senior citizen homes, bathrooms or kitchens. So if you want to decorate one of these rooms with a picture, you should consider whether you want to cover the print with a protective foil. Protective foil is recommended for self-adhesive film which can be mounted on walls, doors or windows. It is also possible to adhere them to dibond- or similar materials which can be printed on digitally, and require protection.
  • Alu-Diabond
  • Forex
  • Kappa
  • Acrylic glass

How laminating works

Laminating can be done in two ways, either hot or cold. The hot-laminating process requires a laminating machine, which presses the laminating film onto the material order to laminate using pressure and heat. The glue melts onto the material, thus permanently adhering the laminating film onto the material. Laminating without heat can be done by hand. The glue which is on the laminating film can be pressed directly onto the material. The most advanced type of laminating is one which uses two types of presses, to permanently adhere two foils with each other. The first press is a heating press, where both foils are being pressed together using high temperatures. Afterwards they are fed through the second press, a cooling press, which permanently adheres the two foils together.

Das am weitesten entwickelte Verfahren ist das Laminieren mit zwei verschiedenen Pressen, das vor allem dazu verwendet wird, um zwei Folien miteinander zu verbinden. Dabei laufen die Folien zunächst durch eine Heizpresse, in der sie unter hohen Temperaturen zusammengepresst werden. Anschließend werden sie in einer Kühlpresse unter Druck wieder abgekühlt und verbinden sich dabei zu einem nicht mehr trennbaren Ganzen.

Lamination in Cologne – professional paper finishing

Lamination offers protection of your print product. It also gives your product a more sophisticated look. We are your best partner when it comes to laminating your materials, for business as well as for private use. You can profit from our many years of experience.

What is a lamination?

Lamination is a finishing process, where you adhere a foil to paper or cardboard. This protects any printed materials form humidity or dirt. This finishing process ensures, that catalogues or books will have a long life. The lamination process can be used with different types of foil. You can choose between glossy, mat or even structured finishes. Lamination foil is extremely thin, compared to laminating foil, which makes the finished product appear very sophisticated. Additionally, it does not interfere with the look of the printed product, colors and contrasts are just as sharp.

When does lamination make sense?

Lamination should be considered when you want to enhance the quality of your printed product, or when it is being used a lot. Info material for example, which is on display in your store for customers to browse through. Products which you mail out to customers, like catalogues or brochures usually just require the front and back pages to be laminated. Business cards or calendars can also be protected using lamination. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to advise you, whether this process makes sense for your printed material.

Give us a call and learn more about the lamination process in Cologne!

Lamination can be used for all types of printed material. It provides protection while maintaining a sophisticated look. We are your partner for your needs, and offer high end lamination in Cologne. You can count on good prices, high quality service and quick turn-around.



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