Printing bachelor thesis in Cologne

We print your bachelor thesis in superior quality and affordable prices.

Completing ones bachelor thesis after weeks or even months of hard work, is a special moment in the life of a student. Before you can turn in your work, you have to print and bind 3 copies. If you want to receive a good or even a very good score on your bachelor thesis, it is important, that it is professionally printed. The appearance of your thesis document does play a role in the final grade. If the professor is not satisfied with the optic of your work, it might even be rejected, so you should not underestimate the value of a professional printing and binding of your thesis document.

  • Hardcover
  • Adhesive bond binding
  • Spiral binding

Font and paper quality

You already determine the font size and spacing, as well as the entire layout of your thesis at the beginning. In order for the document to receive the optimal appearance, it is important, to choose to print your work professionally. High quality thick paper with a smooth surface is an important prerequisite to give your work the desired appearance. We offer specialty paper which designed for your bachelor thesis. The paper is pure white and the surface gives the font its optimal appearance. The ink is dark black and all letters are well defined. The work has a professional look and is easy to read.

Simply upload your document.

Once you have completed your thesis, the printing and binding of the document is the last step. You can simply upload your thesis as a PDF onto our system, choose the paper quality and the cover. The system will generate your individual quote. You will then be able to turn in the most important work of your entire studies in absolutely high quality.

Binding of a bachelor thesis in Cologne

Equally as important as the printing of your work, is the binding, where you have a variety of options. You can choose between a hard or soft cover. Binding your document in hard cover is aesthetically more pleasing, but also more expensive. Your bachelor thesis will be well protected in the stable and robust binding, especially if it being handed around. The soft cover bends easier and on the whole is less stable. Both varieties are acceptable, so you can make the decision according to your budget. Choose the binding of your work, so that the pages don’t need to be whole-punched. Tying your document with a thread is not acceptable.

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