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Nowadays all important documents are being archived digitally. This ensures that all documents are kept safe for years, even decades and it is easy to access them at any time. Making the switch to digital archiving offers many advantages. It saves space and the documents themselves are kept safer from loss or unauthorized access. It is much easier to decide whom to grant access to which documents. One can also access the digitally archived documents at any time and from anywhere. Documents can be stored on hard drives, usb sticks or the cloud, which is accessible wherever there is an internet connection. Thanks to modern encryption methods, your data can be safely stored and managed in the cloud.

Scanning of documents for further digital use.

Paper documents can be scanned for further use in a digital format. The process of scanning can be time consuming, especially if you are dealing with a large number of documents. We can do that for you and you can then modify your documents in any way you need to and safe them in a variety of formats.

Structured professional archiving

As with the classic archiving system in binders, it is imperative that the digital archiving system follows a structure. The digital documents should be sorted in a way to retrieve them again at any time. We will gladly give you a quote, if you want a specialist to handle the scanning and archiving of your documents. Once you have created a structure for your data, you can work with ease for many years to come. New documents can be added into the given structure and easily retrieved at any time.

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We gladly take on your copying needs, as well as any further processing you might require, such as binding, laminating or cutting, etc.


Printing your pictures from your digital camera, posters, banners, signs or building plans is just as easy in format DIN A0 or larger, as it is in smaller formats.


Whether it is documents, pictures, slides, negatives or black&whites, we will turn them into digital format and archive them for you, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

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