Advertising material

Everyone can do ball pens….but advertising materials that truly stand out are the ones your clients and customers actually use and which offer added value. Let’s be honest, your message will only be ‘heard’, if your material is actually being used. It is also always a good idea to supply your employees with identical bags, shirts, mugs and other practical material, when you send them to a conference or meeting.

Mug printing: not just a hot number for coffee, tea and chocolate!

Office mugs don’t just have to draw attention with ridiculous phrases or silly pictures. They can also just be comfortable to use and show off your logo or slogan, or a memorable picture of your current campaign, or maybe an elegant design. High quality mug printing can do it all, from pictures to the printing with different fonts or graphic design and optical illusions. All these are special effects, which draw attention to the different senses – especially if there is an enticing smell emanating from the mug!

A mouse-pad for everyone!

Even though most people nowadays work, using an optical mouse, mouse pads are still a favorite. Few people don’t want to miss the soft place to rest their wrist next to the keyboard. It can also prevent wrist injuries from constant work on the computer. It is also a favorite give-away present of employees.


We have invested in the equipment to engrave high quality products such as memory sticks or cases of all kinds and more made of metal, glass or plastics. This increases the possibilities for many more advertising materials – narrow down your target group and choose the perfect product! We will make sure that your message reaches its target. Call us to get a free quote!

T-shirt-print, sports bags, jute bages – for fans of groomed garments

Printing on pieces of clothing or textiles is not easy, since they do not offer an even flat surface. They are fuzzy, uneven, rough and flexible – which make it difficult to print pictures with high definition and brilliant colors. Nevertheless, we offer this service. What makes employees feel more inclusive than wearing a shirt with your company logo. T-shirt printing is challenging, since the material is flexible and stretchy. Printing on sports bags and jute bags on the other hand is less difficult, since the material is more stable due to the woven fabric. They are less stretchy and keep their form. Why sports bags? Your target group is not limited to students any more. The classic draw-string bag is part of everyone’s gym equipment, it accompanies you on company events and is favorite give-away. Who knows, it might replace the purse on day… Jute bags are a whole other thing. They used to have the reputation of being the shopping bag of hippies and tree-huggers. But they have come out of that niche a while ago and are now in everyday use as book bags or even school bags. Where do you find advertising material, which can be used as an office bag or for clothes, the quick shopping trip or even as a travel bag? Who is your target group? EVERYONE! The classic bag made of linen or cotton with your message will definitely be a hit.



We gladly take on your copying needs, as well as any further processing you might require, such as binding, laminating or cutting, etc.


Printing your pictures from your digital camera, posters, banners, signs or building plans is just as easy in format DIN A0 or larger, as it is in smaller formats.


Whether it is documents, pictures, slides, negatives or black&whites, we will turn them into digital format and archive them for you, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

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